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September 5, 2014

Most churches have back-up vocals for their song services. However, the singers may not minister nor enjoy as much as they could because they do not sing in parts. With the exception of one or two talented ones,most struggle with pitch and timing. This is the case across the board. After all we are not trained singers. A majority do not read music or are illiterate in music. How nice it would be to sing with musical harmony, musical statements and spontaneous improvisation to enhance the spiritual message.

Due to this lack, we have set out to teach this course. We want to empower and educate your singers Imagine having a group of singers who can sing from music scores without having to spend hours teaching them their parts! Imagine them harmonizing by ear! All this is now possible with MUSIC EDUCATION FOR SINGERS Level 1-4. It’s only a matter of training and practice.

  »   What will you gain from this courseYour singing will improve using the breathing and singing techniques taught

  »   Your pitching (ability to sing in key) and timing will improve via the simple effective exercises

  »   You will be able to read music scores and play them on your smartphone or piano

  »   You will be able to sing melodies and parts from music scores

  »   You musical parts memory will improve

  »   You will discover your singing range

Course requirements:

  »   1.5 hours per week for MES training (12 weeks for Level 1)

  »   Love for singing

  »   An iPhone or Android Smartphone with earphone.

  »   1/2 – 1 hour a day for practice

Course fees:  (12x 1.5 hour lessons) Level 1 Module. Minimum 10 to a class. For fees, kindly CONTACT US


Music Theory clef, key signature, time signature, identifying notes & pitch, rhythmic values & rests, accidentals, scales of C,F&G major

Vocal Techniques: Understanding how sound is produced via the human body, diaphram exercises, scales & triad exercises

Part Singing: Hymn singing in the key of C,F&G. Singing soprano, alto, tenor & bass parts. If group is big enough 2-4 parts singing simultaneously.