How Can A PA System Sound Great & Be Free From Noise?


387303_279765718742928_147215715331263_934328_974979032_nA PA System can sound good if it has been designed, installed  & tuned well.  It also has to be operated by competent PA personnel as well as stage performers.  The system should also have periodic maintenance & faulty parts replaced to be at optimum performance.    Scroll through the list below and see if you have these issues.


  • You can’t hear the singer/preacher consonants.  Words become ambiguos.  Grace sounds like Gray?
  • does it have a lot of early reflections or sound noisy?  Sound in shop lot size halls with 2.5m – 3.5m ceiling height behave like that.  Halls with reflective surfaces too (plaster ceiling/glass/wall partition & tile flooring)
  • does the hall sound echo-ey and with reverb?  does it sound like a basement of a carpark? or perhaps like an empty house? A person may be talking with you from 3m away and you can’t hear clearly
  • can you hear outside noises in your hall? noises from traffic, rain, thunder, air-con or even children playing outside the hall
  • does your microphones sound bright and metallic? or maybe it sounds the opposite dull and unclear?

Sound System Design & Maintenance

  • Volume is loud in front and soft at the back of hall.  Alternatively, it is clear in front and unclear at the back or vice versa
  • Sound is uneven in volume or tone from section to section.
  • At some seats, the sound is not clear
  • There are buzzing and noises that are constant
  • There are static noise from time to time
  • There is lack of bass or treble or mid
  • Sound system has not been tuned for more than a year.  Tuning has to be done by spectrum analysis & sound engineer
  • There is intermittent sound.  Sound comes on and off

PA Operation & Stage Worship Team

  • Various PA Personnel hears things differently?  Sound every week fluctuates in quality?
  • PA personnel not alert nor prepared.  Slow to switch on the microphone?  Abrupt cut to music from video clips?
  • PA personnel unsure of the use of gain structure, eQ, compressor, etc
  • Sound causes distraction.  It could be sound changing in real time as the service is going on.  It could be one particular instrument is too loud.
  • Unwanted microphone noises/popping/feedback loop?  This is usually caused by untrained microphone users.  Yes, pastors & singers need to be trained on proper usage
The list is non technical & non exhaustive.  The issues are common and can be easily overcome.  You may have other issues and we would be glad to help you solve them.

If you answer YES to any of the questions above, connect with us by clicking the icons below:



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